Welcome to my website and thank you for taking some time to look at my portfolio.

My love for photography started at a very young age. I think i was about 6 at the time when i discovered my dad had a really fancy camera, that he hid away from us on the top shelf in his dressing room. Every chance I got I would climb up and take the camera out. This was the first time I saw a camera that had interchangeable lenses and was bigger than the normal point and shoot film cameras I was used to seeing. A few years later my dad bought our very first digital camera. This opened up a whole new world to me and I was running around with this little compact camera outside taking pictures of absolutely everything I could see.

Fast Forward a few tears and during my 2nd semester at varsity i signed up at the local campus radio station to become a DJ. I didn’t think much about it but a week later i got a call saying that i was in and would start my training immediately. I spent 5 Years at TuksFM where i presented the Afternoon drive show 5 days a week, Managed the production team and helped rebuild the new studios.

In 2011 i got a call from JacarandaFM asking if i would like to be part of the new breakfast show that was starting up and this was my ticket into commercial radio that i was hoping for, for so long. During this time i got my nickname “Doepie” and presented the traffic on the breakfast show, i had my own evening and weekend shows that i presented and later went on to produce the breakfast show as well. It was during my time at JacarandaFM that i decided to take some of my money that i had saved up and teach myself a new skill. I bought a entry level DSLR camera and sat on youtube for hours and hours, searching for videos that could teach me more about this new hobby of mine.

I was very lucky to have gone to primary school with the gorgeous Melinda Bam, and when i told her i was starting out with photography as a hobby and wanted to shoot with her she politely agreed and helped me through my first model shoot. We ended up posting the shoot on a photography page i made on Facebook and soon i was starting to get request from other models who wanted to shoot with me.

The rest, as they say, is history!

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to drop me a mail if you feel like having a chat.