My first interview as a photographer.

My first interview as a photographer.

Starting out in Photography

This was a blast from the past in my photography career and also my first interview as a photographer.

i’ve been browsing through the archives and came across an interview i did for AlternaTV 4 years ago.

Back then i was still starting out and was quite new to the fashion photography scene.

This was a great opportunity to work with a good friend of mine, Model Tahlecia Albertze. We have worked together in the past while she was doing marketing for FTV South Africa. Tahlecia is a signed model with Ice Models Johannesburg and has spent many years in the industry traveling all around the world. It was great to learn from her and to see how a professional model did things. I am very grateful for the guidance i was given by her when i just started out in photography.

The interview explains more about what exactly we did during the shoot and the kinds of looks we were trying to achieve. Watch till the end to see some snaps of the final product. These images are still some of my favourites i have ever shot and are still being used in my portfolio today.